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Victory Lap

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

In the list of possible Yom Haatzmaut activities to stick on your calendar, you might want to consider this one, as reported by INN:
Jerusalem activists headed by Evyatar Elbaz, who heads the rescue organization Elon to locate missing persons, plan to hold a "victory lap" with Israeli flags on the streets of the predominantly Mea Shearim for Independence Day. The protest convoy is expected to arrive in Mea Shearim this Sunday afternoon.
According to Elbaz, the "victory lap" was born in protest against the extreme haredi-religious riots in Jerusalem that "have turned the lives of Jerusalem residents into hell in recent months." he said, "The peak of course was the violent and despicable behavior of those extremists who desecrated the funeral procession and kidnapped the body of the baby who drowned in a hotel in Ashdod, adding to their roadblocks in Jerusalem, vandalism of city property, to their harming of haredim who decided to enlist in the army and, of course, their traditional contempt for state symbols such as Memorial Day for the Fallen of Israel and Independence Day." He stressed, "They have to understand that by way of violence and crazy extremism they will not achieve anything."
a protest convoy victory lap in Mea Shearim with Israeli flags. This will surely end well.
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