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Viatores Christi

By Sarahjanemakes @xorchy
Viatores Christi  With all this talk of recession and the failing economy, it is easy to forget those of us who are far more worse off. With over a billion people living in desperate poverty and degradation the world can seem hopeless and grim.  Yet even with the economic doom and gloom people are still sacrificing their safety and comfort to help others.  Charities and volunteer societies still aim to help the poorest in the world and in this climate we need it more than ever. One of these volunteer societies is Viatores Christi; Viatores Christi is a Catholic lay missionary association which recruits, trains and sends volunteers to work in areas of need overseas. The areas in which they work at include basic education, health care, human rights and community development. Members are currently volunteering in Haiti, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Zambia, Uganda, Cambodia, Philippines, Ghana and South Africa.
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