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Veterans Today - Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I'm gonna run an excerpt from Gordon Duff's latest editorial for Veterans Today entitled Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You.
It's undoubtedly one of the most incisive views into WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED, AND WHY, on September 11th 2001 - when you'all lost your freedom to a Patriot Act in the name of a war of terror against You The People.

Veterans Today - Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from YouSecrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Let’s start this out with an attention grabber.  
Out there, somewhere is a photograph of Osama bin Laden and George H. W. Bush, shaking hands in the White House. It exists. There is this and more, so much more, that would make America’s heads spin.
The actual trained journalists around me beat this into my head. OK, here it is.

Those who follow rumors, which means every single one of us, know that former President George H. W. Bush worked with the bin Ladens, a wealthy and respected Saudi family that invests in a group of military companies called The Carlyle Group, headed by many former world leaders. 
Does this put the fact that the bin Laden family was evacuated from the United States, the safest place on Earth for them, on 9/12/2001 rather than have any of them interviewed by the FBI in perspective? 
A plane load of Israelis left also, had to escape the United States, which had suddenly become terrifyingly dangerous to an entire planeload of trained Mossad agents, supposedly the among the most dangerous people on earth.  [read the rest at  Veterans Today]

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