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Very Helpful Spanish Phrases for First-Time Travelers

By Tlb

Giralda Tower Seville Spain

Giralda Tower Seville Spain, By Jialiang Gao, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you currently interested to learn Spanish in a language school? We all know that enrolling to a foreign language school is one of the most effective ways to acquire Spanish learning.


However, we honestly don’t have the time to really undergo to a formal training especially when our purpose of traveling to Spanish countries is to tour.


Well then, if you want to know a sacksful of Spanish phrases good for your travel needs, care to know these for your own benefit.


Basic Spanish Conversational

“Yes.” “Si.”

“No.” “No.”

“Hello.” “Hola.”

“Goodbye.” “Adios.”

“My name is…” “Me llamo…”

“How are you?” “¿Cómo estas?”

“How Much (does it cost)?” “¿Cuánto cuesta?”

“Where is…?” “¿Dónde está?”

“I don’t understand.” “No entiendo”

“Do you speak English?” “¿Hablas inglés?”


Being Polite

“Bless you.” “Salud.” “Jesús.”

“By your leave.” “Con permiso.”

“Excuse me.” “Perdon.”

“Good morning.” “Buenos dias”

“Good afternoon.” “Buenos tardes.”

“Good night.” “Buenas noches.”

“I’m Sorry.” “Lo siento.”

“Nice to meet you.” “Mucho gusto.”

“Pardon me.” “Discúlpame.”

“Please.” “Por favor.”

“Thank you.” “Gracias.”

“No thank you.” “No gracias.”

“Thank you very much.” “Muchas gracias.”



“Help!” “Socorro!”

“I am lost.” “Me he perdido.”

“Be careful!” “Cuidado!”

“May I use the bathroom?” “¿Puedo usar el baño?”

“Where is the bathroom?” “¿Dónde está el baño?”

“Please call a doctor.” “Por favor, llame al médico.”

“Please call the police.” “Por favor, llame al policía.”

“Please help me.” “Ayúdeme, por favor.”


So I hope the lists above have become very helpful to you indeed. Have a nice trip!


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