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Veronika [email protected] = Scam

By Richard Randall @aude11360


I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to go out on the weekends to a nice dinner and have a glass of wine. I enjoy working out during the week and love to eat good food.

I like men who are great communicators–listeners and speakers. I would like to meet someone who is not afraid to say what he means, and means what he says. I am looking for a friend that can develop into something much more. I would love that person to be tall, sexy, funny, sweet and an incredible kisser. (smile!) Someone who motivates, and is motivated. If you are the kind of man who loves life, and wants to make the most of it…wonderful!
Look forward to hearing from you.

Veronika [email protected] [email protected]


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By Ess Setif
posted on 04 September at 07:44

bonjour §good morning i hope you are in good health