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Verizon - VZ Vs. AT&T; - T

Posted on the 15 September 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
If I were to invest my hard earned dollars into one industry it would be in Telecommunications. Two of the market leaders are Verizon Communications, Inc (VZ) or AT&T, Inc (T). Both companies are widely known (of course), however I would love to know how many of their customers actually own their stock! Think of all of the money that you may give to these companies per month, ok let's not think about that too long. Let's ponder how nice it would be to invest those dollars into their stock rather than straight to their bank account. Wouldn't that be nice!
You must hold a position in at least one telecommunication company within your Roth IRA stock portfolio. VZ or T will be around for many, many years. It is key to invest in companies with long term growth, a large portion of their industries' market share, and you must actually like the company! I know the experts may not tell you that, but liking companies that you own stock in really makes is a win-win situation. If you are a shareholder in a company that you like, you will find yourself talking about the company more and more to your friends and family.
Let's get down to business. If you invested $200.00 into VZ and T today (using the information listed below, $400.00 total) and did not touch it for the next 30 years you would have increased your balance to $1,046.12 for VZ and $1,205.27 for T. An net profit of $1,851.39 total. Just think of the amount of money you would have in your account if you invested $25.00 per month into VZ and T ($50.00 per month total). This is an excellent plan to secure your financial future, by investing what you can afford. You do not need to be a millionarie or the smartest guy in the world to get your piece of the market. Don't hesitate, now is the time to invest in your future!
I hope you had a great day today and good luck tomorrow!
AT&T Inc. Current Stock Price $27.88
Quarterly dividend 0.43
Current Dividend Yield 6.17%
Mkt cap   165.22B
Investor Relations

Verizon Communications IncCurrent Stock Price $35.25
Quarterly Dividend 0.50
Current Dividend Yield 5.67%
Mkt cap 99.78B

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