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Verisign Goes Rouge: New gTLD’s: “Registration Numbers on Par With .Co” & .Net is Like One

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

During ts earnings call today Verisign (VRSN) brushed away the new gTLD’s saying “Gross registrations for new gTLD’s are at 1.6 million which puts them on Par with .Co”


Verisign’s Representative went further to say that no one should build a conclusion on the new gTLD program until we go through a re-billing cycle (which we happen to Agree with)

“I think what you saw in the second quarter is a lot of confusion in domains including new gTLD’s in both the singular and plural of the same .word

Fair enough

But then Verisign went down the attack the domainer path otherwise known as biting the hand that feeds you saying:

The vast majority of the new gTLD registrants are Speculators”

Who would have thought?

One Stock stock analyst that covers Verisign asked:

“Do you know the amount of domain speculators that still own .com/.net domains, I think at one point when you reported it in 2012 was around 17%”

The Verisign Representative was then asked what the percentage of .com and .net domain names where registered to domainers, or domain investors or Verisign seems to like to call us “speculators”

I thought last time you reported that number in 2012 it was like 17%.

The Verisign Rep then spent the rest of his time, some 10 Minutes distinguishing between a guy like me, a domainer, domain investor, a “speculator” from himself who may have registered some names for future use but was definitely not like me.


That Verisign guy is way different from me.

I’m the one who has spent Millions and Millions of dollars paying Verisign to keep domains I think I can sell at a profit with no promise of a positive return

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