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Velikovsky, Von Daniken, Gurdjieff, Stitchin

Posted on the 20 February 2011 by Lugalcain @ur_sheep

Velikovsky, Von Daniken, Gurdjieff, Stitchin

I wish to continue our study about the Origin of Man by discussing some more recent and controversial theories, all of which I believe have at least as much merit as those theories we have thus far been considering. While other theorists will be mentioned, I want to primarily dedicate the ensuing sections to Immanuel Velikovsky and his view of the cosmos and man’s place in it, Zechariah Stitchin and Erich Von Daniken, and their “alien” theories of human evolution and origin, and finally, I would like to spend some considerable time on G.I. “George” Gurdjieff’s ideas because of the degree to which he has become misunderstood, abused, or taken out of context. His works affected me greatly, and having spent a good deal of time studying him, I think he deserves mention as being the premier original thinker of recent times.

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