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Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Vatican 'UNITED NATIONS to take command of THE CORPORATE WAR MACHINE?'CNBC is reporting that The Vatican are calling for the United Nations to take control of The Corporate War Machine so that a more benevolent hand guides economic growth across the globe.
"The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence," it said.
there is no gain in Profit, because the Corporate War machine destroys all in the name of bottom line and investor dividend.
The Vatican isn't just making a political statement, here, it's the that concept of GROWTH that underpins all rampant Consumerism on this super-sized planet is being grossly ignored by such groupy-like global-rule flag-waving.
To get us off to a flying start, and so that you don't think my head is buried in the contemporary, let's re-examine the Slaughter of the Roman Empire and its amphitheatre where gladiatorial games were played out. First, it sets up the "us and them", the victors and the vanquished, the rulers* and the slaves. This allows amoral acts like the Roman Amphitheatres, most famous of which is the Coliseum.
It seems the idea of the Roman Amphitheatre was to relive or reenact specific moments of the Empire, like major battles or animal hunts or acts of nature (were starving animals bear down upon weakened 'criminals') a living history book (ironically). Dio Cassius recounts that over 9,000 wild animals were killed during the inaugural games of the amphitheatre.
It is, of course, all about appeasing the masses, because every Corporate Government knows it's You The People who really control things.
If only You The People understood this, actually understood your power.
The real crime here is the fishing stock. No, I'm taking the piss, there are no fish in the Roman Amphitheatre, unless there were ponds of piranha. But there 'used to be' COD in our oceans, there used to be tuna and sardines and eels in abundance. Extinction Economics ensures that that abundant resource would be priced out of the sensible market, aiding financial growth in certain investment sectors. Same with all the lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, tigers, panthers, gorillas, bears etc that were SLAUGHTERED FOR MANKIND'S ENTERTAINMENT in the Roman Amphitheaters.
Makes the spectacle all the more alluring, watching a species routed to annihilation, what fun.
And where do you think all these riches of the planet come from? How do you think these valuable resources are replenished? Well, it's like the Amazon Rain Forest. You chop that down and you lose that resource for up to one hundred years. All that life-giving oxygen and organic matter and diversity. No amount of Toilet Paper Manufacture companies petty replanting programmes are going to do enough to reestablish the balance of that particular debt.
Or ponder this most basic of truths, the global conglomerate business model views this entire planet as a company. Restructuring, we all know what that means, right? It means job losses. It means redundancies. In this context, it means Surplus Countries Ruined. Is this what we're seeing all over the world as a war gone rampant, a mere re-distribution of assets?
Here's a simple fact for all you worshippers of the Corporate Empire out there: most of you reading this blogpost are dead in fifty years or less. You're dead, you're dead, you're dead, you're dead!
Think about that before you once again reach into your pocket for loose change to throw into the cynical Money Tray of World Domination.
Renounce the Corporate War Machine.
Proclaim this a Free Planet based on Creativity, Passion and Kinship.
Do you really want to live in a future world of twenty billion consumers where RECYCLED HUMAN PROTEIN (full of hormones and poisons) is the only meat? Where RECYCLED HUMAN PISS (full of hormones and poisons) is the only form of clean water? I mean, aren't you even a little bit disgusted by the Obesity Issue? The 'families with just too many kids' issue? Not one single hand goes up?
*You The People are not yet the rulers, only the slaves. Fodder for slaughter. Pawns in a Global Chess Game.

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