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VARTA – Outdoor Sports Comfort Lantern

By Evette Garside @evette77

If you have not heard of VARTA yet, then in brief, they sell gadgets such as chargers, portable power banks, torches, lights and batteries. The sort of stuff that comes in very handy when travelling, or camping or even for sports.

I have one of their outdoor lanterns. Theres a few reasons why I'm posting about this in January as opposed to pre Christmas. Firstly this is the time when many people like myself have to venture into their deep dark murky lofts to put the Christmas decorations back. Also many people start keeping fit at this time of year in time for Summer, the daylight is still minimal and so something like this may just be useful.

VARTA – Outdoor sports comfort lantern

Of course it's not just for Winter months but any time of the year. It's not just for the outdoors either, it comes in handy inside too.

It comes apart for battery insertion into three pieces that all screw together. It needs 3 D type batteries which are the big chunky ones.

VARTA – Outdoor sports comfort lantern

It has a few different lighting modes which are all accessible via the press of the main button.

The amber light is extremely bright, and I mean in your face bright! Even on the dimmer function it still remains nice and bright making it perfect for the dark outdoors.

VARTA – Outdoor sports comfort lantern

Two quick taps of the switch turns the light to the white LED which is less brighter and more suitable as a night light.

The lamp when loaded with batteries does pack a little weight but this reflects the whole quality of the overall product. It's certainly a tough little thing, shockproof, waterproof and pretty much breakproof being tested from a 2M drop (not by myself). Therefore it's pretty much guaranteed to last through any terrain and any weather.

VARTA – Outdoor sports comfort lantern

It has double carry handles at the top and can be carried around just like the traditional lanterns. Underneath is an extra hook for hanging it up.

VARTA – Outdoor sports comfort lantern

I can't help but love this gadget.

Prices range from £30 upwards from various sellers and more information about this lantern and other VARTA products can be found on their website.

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