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Various Anti LVT Entertainments

Posted on the 22 October 2014 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From here:
You are confusing "rent-seeking" and development for profit. If a landowner does not develop land with potential for improvement he does not lose anything (take set-aside as a case-study) but if he develops the land your increased "location" tax becomes a drain until the development is passed on. It becomes a giant pass the parcel until someone wealthy enough to hold the developed land acquires it. In fact what it does is ensure that it passes to the very "rent-seekers" you are trying to eliminate. LVT is a great reason NOT to develop or improve property.
If you are getting services and benefits you should be making a contribution (however small) towards them.
The Left's hatred of anyone who rents out a property or owns land is envy, pure and simple.
As long as you tax the rental income properly, don't allow tax free gains on the properties and stop developers just hoarding land, a healthy rented sector is good for the housing market and for society as a whole.
Guess what happens when you put a tax on rents. They go up.
The whole concept of council tax is based on their belief you own nothing and your home is theirs to charge rent for.

etc. etc.

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