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Variations of Slot Machines

Posted on the 19 May 2018 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

More than 100 different variants of slot machines work the same way today as the first slots. In general, you can divide the slots into two categories – video and classic slots.

Classic slot machines variations

Classic slot machines like the Novoline games online have three spinning reels and classic symbols like cherries, bells or bandits. There are also modern Classic Slots with various background themes, bonus features, and progressive payouts. By contrast, the video slots of the online casino have no mechanical reels or drums with imprinted images. They use software with various animations, original sound effects, additional bonuses and often have an extra screen. Most land-based slots fall into the category of video slots.

This was a general subdivision, but you can again subdivide all slot machines according to the number of reels. The 3-reel slots are referred to as the classic slot machines, but there are also slots with multiple reels. The most popular of the multi-reel slots are the five reel slots. Mostly they have different theme backgrounds and offer a variety of different bonuses. Relatively new are the online slots with seven rollers. These have a small number of pay lines and often have no bonus features or special symbols. 9-reel slots are an innovation of online casinos and also at Bwin Casino Betsson. They look almost like the 3-reel slots, but each icon on the screen appears independent of the slot.

The multiple win slots are individual slot machines that have more than one payline. The first slots of this type were the 3-payline slots (they had a payline in the middle, one above and below). The player needed at least one winning combination on one of the pay lines.

The most popular types with the highest payouts are the so-called progressive slots, which offer a high jackpot, which you can also notice online at slots of the Novoline games.

Bonus slots offer the player several additional odds like bonus rounds and free spins.

In contrast to the bonuses, there are special slots that influence the chances of winning and make it possible to supplement the budget. Among the most common features are Wild, Scatter, Multiplier, Autoplay and Skill Stop.

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