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Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View

Posted on the 14 September 2016 by Og_vapor
Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View

We are hoping that this vaporizers guide will cover everything you ever wanted to know about vapors. First thing first, we will define what vaporizers are? Vaporizer is a device that heats up some ingredients and vaporizes them.

These ingredients can be tobacco, weed, herbs or some other blends. Some would say that vaporizers are e-cig, but they ain't.

Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View

Vaporizer takes much further than electronic cigarets. E-cig try to recreate cigarets and vaporizers are not build for that. With a vaporizer you have control.

You can control many aspects of the device. Vapes are often cylindrical. But today have many different shapes and sizes.

How do vapors work? They have the very simple mechanism. It consists of a power source, some coils that heat and vaporize the juice. Simple as that. Furthermore, there are advanced vaporizers that have massive batteries and hand-made coils.

We use oils that can have different levels of nicotine and different flavors. Also, there is the desktop version of vapors. These ones are for the house person. If want to learn more about desktop vapor start here. Let's talk about history.

Vaping has a place in history. In ancient Schitya and Afganistan, people enjoy vaping hemp-seed. It is all there in the books. We can trace inventing vaping devices in the USA in 1927. Also, Eagle Bill largely contributed to making vaporizer for weed.

We must be fair and say that not all people are for the hype around vaporizers. And that is the awesome thing. People need to say openly what they mean. Many are annoyed with vapor devices or vaping in public. But, that their right. There is the excellent post on this subject. In this vaporizers guide, we will bring every opinion.

Current Situation With Vaporizers

It's a long way ahead for vapors. Currently, there are mix feelings about vapors and their usefulness. Because of that, there is the ongoing battle for vapes legalization in many countries. So what's the big deal? Let me tell you.

Those who are against vapors say that they can lead teens to smoke. Their point of view is that there is no enough research to support claims that vapors are better than cigars. Due to this study, they say it is not safe as we thought so. But, these one say they are just fine. And this one also.

Now you see. It is a mix of both good and bad. It is safe to say that we need more studies to say what is certain. Especially relevant is that vaporizer industry is growing big, and I mean really big. After banning cigarets from public places people turn over to the alternative solution.

In addition to that, we have marijuana vaporizers. They are very convenient and easy to use. This is an awesome guide of how to use vape pen for weed. Seems like the future of weed isn't smoke is vapor.

Today we have vapors that are designed by NASA engineers. Furthermore, we have new vaporizers that are specially designed for hospitals.

Quit Smoking Alternative

Maybe you heard about but vaporizers can help you to quit smoking. Yes, that is true. Of course, it won't always be the success. But, if something is truly wanted, then success is achievable. Also, vaping can help you with respiratory issues. How can they help?

Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View

Easy, with vapors, you do not inhale toxic materials. And, very important you can lower nicotine levels, step by step. Just by e-juice with lower nicotine levels and start from that. Next time by even lower. Until you by e-juice without nicotine.

Very simple. With vaporizers, you inhale less carbon monoxide. Yes, you have nicotine gums and patches but they don't give you a sensation of smoking like vapors do. This can cause problems with someone who are addicted to the feeling of inhaling.

With vaporizers, you have that sensation. How to work from the point where you have no nicotine e-juice. It is a good idea to start leaving vape device at home. Also, try to prolong taking vapor longer and longer periods of time. Another great thing is that you will start saving money when to buy vape device.

Imagine that you use that money for your family, holidays whatever do you like.

Entertainment Vaping

Today, we can see many celebrities enjoying vaping. It is trendy. They are quitting smoking and turning to a more suitable solution. They are turning to vaporizers. So, let's face it vaping is gone mainstream. Among many, there are Leonardo Di Caprio, Norman Reedus, Katy Perry and much more. You can see a full list here.

To Conclude Our Vaporizers Guide

It is safe to say that vaporizers are here to stay. They are not the just fad that is going to go away in a couple of months. The Vaping industry is on the rise. An easch year making more money. We must learn more about them, and how they can affect our lives.

Can they help us? For now, yes they can. Can they cause trouble? Yes, with some people. Will they change marijuana industry? Yes. We see that NASA engineers help to develop them. If you want to engage more in vaping community, you can start here.

We can see bright future for vaporizers.

Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View
Vaporizers Guide – Insiders Point Of View

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