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Vanderbuyst - Flying Dutchmen

Posted on the 20 December 2012 by Ripplemusic
Vanderbuyst - Flying Dutchmen
So, you've heard of Steel Panther by now, right? They're good, they're real good; but they're gimicky. Vanderbuyst is the real deal. These guys can crank out some serious tunes. First thing that caught my eye about the album was the cover. It's just the three band members against a white background with the band's name in rainbow covered angular font, true 80s class.

I gave it a listen, I gave it another listen, hell, I didn't stop. When I say this album is 80s to the core, I don't mean your stereotypical high pitched vocals loads of silky guitar, synthy drums and douchey (phonetically and characteristically) snare. Oh no, this is the down and dirty 80s. The kind of 80s rock you listen to when you're John Rider from "The Hitcher."

This band really has its own sound. Sometimes you'll hear some Megadeth, some power pop influences, but really, they do their own thing. The songs all pop, they stick in your head. The album's title track (kind of) "The Flying Dutchman" is a catchy catchy catcher of a catchy song. "Give Me One More Shot," is a power ballad, but it feels great to listen to and headbang with. The album's lead, "Frivolous Franny," almost has a Van Halen feel to it, almost. It's grindy and dirty and sleazy as hell. It's all just fun to listen to. Put your sunglasses on, roll your windows down, light one up and ride.

I've got it on shuffle a lot, and when it comes on I can always tell who it is, instantly. They have a sound, it's cohesive, and bitchin.

This band is the real deal, check them out. Oh look, this CD releases the day I'm writing this.


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