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Vampire Bats, Health & Bargain Cd's.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
vampire bats, health & bargain cd's.Originally posted: 3rd May 2019Today's been a day full of bargains & good news! I had another appointment with the consultant who says the tablets/combination of tablets I'm on are working well & although it’s still a lifelong condition hopefully it’ll be a little bit easier to manage if things keep going as they are. So fingers and toes crossed! Afterwards we popped into Christchurch & I found this gorgeous Jellycat vampire bat. He was all on his own and half price so I really had no other choice but to re-home him. I'd actually gone in because a little rabbit had caught my eye but he was so sweet, I just couldn’t leave him behind. Then to make things even better we spotted this little table top sale and it was chock-full of these vinyl style cds. went a little bit ham as they were all 50p so picked up some Arctic Monkeys, Bowie & a few others. All in all a pretty decent day! 

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