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Valuelights Dinosaur Lamp

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
Valuelights are an online lighting specialist who sell a range of products such as lights, lamps and bulbs. Valuelights offer different ranges of products that are suitable to use around the home - inside and outside. From bathroom lights to outdoor lighting to novelty lighting for the bedroom, Valuelights have a number of products to suit every budget. Recently Maxwell was sent an amazing Dinosaur lamp to review.
Maxwell hates the dark. Ever night we allow Maxwell to have a nightlight on in his room however recently we have been getting a little annoyed with the color changing light that features on his current night light. The Dinosaur lamp from Valuelights has been a welcome addition to our home.
Valuelights Dinosaur Lamp
When the Dinosaur lamp arrived, I thought that it may be pre made and ready to go use out of the box however I did have to assemble it. After following the easy to read instructions that the lamp came with, I found it a little tricky to assemble the lamp in some areas such as under the dinosaur legs due to the plastic material being a little tight. This said the whole process of removing it from the box, to it being a full functioning dinosaur lamp only took me around 5 minutes which is quite impressive.
As soon as the lamp was assembled, we shared the lamp with Maxwell. As soon as he laid eyes on the Dinosaur lamp, he adored it. He is a massive dinosaur fan and thanks to the fantastic build, look and shape of the lamp, he was able to identify that the lamp was a dinosaur straight away. He commented on the dinosaurs head as well as the dinosaurs spiky feet and loved the dinosaurs big arched back.
Valuelights Dinosaur Lamp
Maxwell has been using the light for around 2 weeks now and it has been a massive success. Since we have had the light, it has had a home in Maxwell's room. The light gives off a warm glow which settles Maxwell in bed at night. It is a eye catching piece.
The lamp is light and is easy to clean thank's to the plastic material it is made of.. Although little toddler hands have handed the lamp daily along with our hands, the light has stayed the same shape and is a sturdy feature in Maxwell's room. Maxwell says goodnight to his dinosaur every night and loves to read bedtime stories with him.
Valuelights Dinosaur Lamp
To use the Dinosaur lamp all you need to do is simply add 3 AAA batteries and flick a small button which can be located underneath the dinosaur's belly. I love the fact that the lamp is battery operated instead of mains operated as it means that we can move the lamp around Maxwell's room without having to worry if there is a plug socket near. It also means we are able to take it away with us if we decide to stay away from our home for the night. 
This lamp is a unique piece and would make a fantastic feature for any child's room. This lamp can be purchased at Valuelights for £24.99 which I think is a reasonable price for something that is unique, fun for children and of great quality.
*We received the dinosaur lamp for the purpose of this review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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