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Valentino: The Last Emperor

By Kena @campchic


I always say "Fashion Designers are my celebrities"! The ability to create a collection from start to finish and have people line up for your creation, before a price is even set is mind boggling. Valentino is that type of Designer. Every woman would love to own a Valentino gown! It's the gown that says "the Designer that created this gown thought I was beautiful". This documentary "Valentino The Last Emperor" takes you through the creative process of how the magnificent Designer develops his collection. Although the documentary is 4 years old it's one of those films that if you haven't seen it you must. Valention truly is one of the last great Designers of our time.

 My favorite quote from Valention when asked why he was retiring, "I wanted to go out when the room was full"! 



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