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Valentines Day in Bed

By Kirstietancock @kirstietancock

Well I wish it was that sort of in bed ;-) but no. On Sunday I had an awful virus and since my lungs have continually got worse. Tuesday I decided to ring up and get the ball rolling on IV antibiotics. Like I said in my last post my lungs haven't quite been up to par recently any way. So I started Ivs yesterday. Colomycin and tobramycin two drugs that preferably should not be had together as they are both harsh on the kidneys. My lung function is down a fair bit form 97% to 70% although 70% isn't a bad lung function, it is a huge drop and my lungs feel riddled with infection, my breathing has just got worse and worse, I'm wheezy, breathless, in a fair bit of pain and exhausted (the Ivs have contributed to making me even more so) This morning I couldn't face going In to next for my shift and I know I can't tomorrow either.
I know this is just a blip, like the many others and I will overcome it. I can't help feeling like pseudomonas is out to get me again and I wonder why I'm not able to get rid of it like other transplant patients, I do my treatments, I stay fitter than most but this bug seems set to haunt me forever. I guess when the do my ct scan they will find out if its caused any permeantIy
damage yet.
I hope you are all having a lovely valentines day and even though I'm not well I have stu here looking after me a rare event as he's usually working all the hours under the sun. He's also spoilt me with breakfast, presents and generally being very helpful.
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