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Valentine's Offerings From Hallmark...and a Question

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves
There was a snow-covered package waiting on my doorstep for me this latest Hallmark Press Pause shipment!
Inside I found all sorts of great Valentine's goodies, like...
"Cupig": He shuffles and shakes his belly while singing a parody of the "Cupid Shuffle" ($15.95 with the purchase of  3 cards)
Valentine's Offerings From Hallmark...and a Question
"Something For You Pup": Place an item in his mouth (card, flower, small candy box) and when the recipient pulls it out, the puppy will give a little "grr" and then a happy "ruf, ruf!" with a wagging tail. Kids would love this one! ($14.95)
Valentine's Offerings From Hallmark...and a Question 
"Love Ya Pup": This adorable pup's ears flap as he says "Who do I love? you-oooh!" ($9.95 with the puchase of 3 cards)
Offer Preview  These plush items will be great motivators in my classroom next week as they become prizes for responsibility and good behaviour!
Hallmark's "Valentine's Day Signature Collection Cards" are handcrafted and designed for a variety of recipients (let's just say one makes a play on the phrase "horny toad"!)
The "Card Presenters for Adults" collection is gorgeous (with gems, attachments, a unique clasp, and embossed envelopes), but unfortunately Hallmark sent me the "For The Wonderful Woman I Love" card...I can't make it that easy for my husband! (Although...what kind of bonus points would I score by providing my own card?)
Valentine's Offerings From Hallmark...and a Question 
Keep Hallmark in mind when looking for Valentine's surprises for your loved ones, young and old!
What about you...what's on your list for Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate it? When dating and first married, the holiday held an entirely different meaning. I worry more now about classroom Valentine's activities than I do about extravagant romantic purchases, but I'd like to think that I show my loved ones how I feel every day!
We're taking a mini family vacay soon, so hubby and I will probably just exchange cards, and the girls will each find a book and a little box of Disney Princess chocolates waiting for them at the breakfast table.
(Frannie's book: Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer - the second chapter book featuring the beloved Fancy Nancy character. Maggie's book: Berenstain Bears Funny Valentine.)
I'd love to know what other couples/families do to celebrate...or not!
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