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Valentine’s Day Symbols and Their Meanings

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Valentine's Day symbols and their meanings

Every occasion throughout the year is associated with traditions and various symbols. Valentine's Day is no exception and you are probably familiar with at least some of the common symbols associated with this occasion. What you might not know is the meaning behind these symbols. Each year, florists receive plenty of flower orders for Valentine's Day and you will also notice that they offer some amazing romantic gifts like chocolates that you can pair with your fresh flowers.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about Valentine's Day is the scent of fresh red roses. The question is, how did one specific type of flower become the number one choice for this occasion? Simply put, red roses are associated with passionatelove. This is according to the language of flowers. The language of flowers was established many years ago when people wanted to send messages without actually writing an actual card. Since Valentine's Day is when we celebrate love, it makes sense to opt for fresh flowers that are associated with love.

Over time, this day become more than just a romantic occasion. It also gave friends a chance to show one another that they care. When celebrating friendship, yellow roses are the flower of choice. These flowers are the symbol of friendship and they are excellent for offering a friend love and comfort if they are alone for Valentine's Day.

Apart from the fact that fresh flowers are everywhere, you will also notice various other symbols like hearts and cute Cupids. Cupid is found holding a bow and arrow. When he spots a lonely heart, he aims his bow and takes his shot. There are many cupid stories that date back to Ancient Greeks and Romans. Various stories tell that Cupid's mother was the goddess of love and when Cupid shoots somebody in their heart, they will fall in love.

When sending Valentine's Day flowers and a gift, you will also want to include a sentimental message. Valentine's Day cards are important when it comes to making your gift personal. This card or letter is often finished off with a few X's. The letter X is commonly associated with a kiss and, what you might not know, is that years ago people were not as well educated as we are today. They would sign documents with the letter X and, in order to show their commitment, they would kiss the X.

Now that you know where some of these symbols come from, you can enjoy them even more! Remember, when choosing romantic Valentine's Day flowers, don' forget to look at various red rose and red flower bouquets. Your florist should also offer various lovely extras such as luxury chocolates, stuffed animals, and more. Bundle offers are also offer greater value for money and are worth considering when pampering your Valentine.

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