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Valentine’s Day Flower Crafts for Your Kids

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Valentine's Day flower crafts for your kids

For all those couples who have one or more kids, it might seem like you will never be able to enjoy a truly romantic Valentine's Day ever again. This is not necessarily true. Particularly when you consider just how much your kids will probably want to get involved. Children have a beautiful innocense about them and their idea of celebrating love might not be the same as yours. For them, love has a completely different meaning and it's wonderful to allow them to express their love too.

Allowing your kids to get involved means that you will need to choose a craft or activity that will suit their age and capabilities. The older the child, the more complext the crafts can be. For example, a small child might enjoy making some special finger paint art. Slightly older kids can paint colourful flowers using the base of a small plastic bottle. Older children that have greater dexterity can perhaps make a paper flower bouquet.

Making paper roses is fun and you could get everyone involved in some way or another. You can prepare all of the materials and cut the paper to size. To make the petals, you will need several heart-shaped pieces of crepe paper. Roll the top part of the heart to round the petals. Make the stem with a piece of wire and cover it with some green crepe paper or floral tape. Secure each petal to the stem in a spiral pattern working your way from the inside out. Make sure that they are not lined up or you will create distinct lines in your flowers. The petals should cascade without leaving any empty spaces. Now add the green base of the flower and secure with green floral tape.

If you want to make flowers but you're looking for an easier method, you can still use crepe paper but make pompoms instead. Cut four squares of paper, place them on top of one another and then fold them like an accordion. Wrap a piece of wire around the middle, cut the ends so that they are rounded, and fluff out your flower. The metal wire will form the stem so make sure it's long enough and covered with green paper.

Not only are these crafts great for surprising your spouse, but you can also teach your kids to make Valentine's Day gifts for their crush instead of buying them. A handmade gift paired with a box of chocolates will certainly do the trick!

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