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Vaee Solis Set Release Date For Signal Rex Debut, Premiere Teaser Video

Posted on the 29 June 2015 by Ripplemusic
Vaee Solis Set Release Date For Signal Rex Debut, Premiere Teaser Video
Portuguese black/doom/sludge warlords Vaee Solis are set to release their debut album, Adversarial Light, on August 21st via Signal Rex and Mordgrimm. At six staggeringly monolithic tracks,Adversarial Light is aptly titled. Vaee Solis is a band that approximate Morrigan's martial howling, invoking the liberation and illumination of the eternal night, represented in Scandinavian traditions by Ragnarok. Its sun is the polar Black Sun that shines brightly like a diamond on Lucifer's forehead: such is the sound of Adversarial Light. Frontwoman Sophia's voice is, therefore, a hoarse and inflamed appeal to all human beings - slaves of the heavy, forgetful slumber to which they've been condemned by post-industrial society - to rise like titans from their nocturnal awakening. Lamia's apotropaic shriek, lined by melancholic yet intensely melodic bards provided in the shadows with long and phallic guitars, takes away all fear of the inertia of merely being human. Then, ancient and atavistic memories rise again, stealthily like wolves, coming from the visceral core of ourselves, inflaming our blood and hardening our muscles. Only then the awakening comes, and in the eternal night, bathed in Adversarial LightVaee Solis make us remember that we indeed are gods.   Initially released on cassette format through Signal Rex and Degradagem, Adversarial Light sold out its initial run of 100 copies within one month of release. Now, Signal Rex and Mordgrimm will be co-releasing the album on limited digipack CD, with a vinyl version to follow by early 2016. Vaee Solis have already preformed several shows, supporting such acts as Acid King, and taking part in one of the most eclectic festivals in Portugal, the Santa Maria Summer Fest. The band have several upcoming shows, including de OMG Fest and an album-release show alongside Corpus Christii, both in September/October 2015. A Vimeo teaser can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows: Vaee Solis Set Release Date For Signal Rex Debut, Premiere Teaser Video Tracklisting for Vaee Solis' Adversarial Light
1. Saturn's Storm
2. Adversarial Light
3. Ennoia
4. Feral Isolation
5. Libra
6. Cosmocrat
    MORE INFO www.facebook.com/vaeesolis www.vaeesolis.bandcamp.com   www.signalrex.com www.signalrex.bandcamp.com

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