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Vacationing On A Budget

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

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Vacationing On A Budget

Start saving now. It’s never to soon to start saving for a vacation, even if you don’t know when or where your going.

Research the location of your stay. Once you have picked your destination whether near or far, research the area.  Check to see if there is a welcome center or website available for fun activities and places to visit. This is a great way to get a better idea get of how much money you may be spending on activities.

Try for a packaged or “all-inclusive” deal.  Some resorts (such as Walt Disney World) as well as hotels offer packaged deals that may include flights, food plans, car services, and amenities.

Compare accommodations before booking.  Websites such as make it so easier than ever for you to get the biggest bang for your buck!  Hotwire searches and compares the best deals on hotel, car and flight accommodations in just a few clicks!  For more information, click the banner below.

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Pack light.  Especially when flying, the more items you bring on the plane, the more you may have to pay in baggage checks. Packing light also allows room for any new items you will be purchasing on your trip without having to purchase extra baggage to carry home.

Set a budget: Set aside spending money for each family member. Estimate what you feel you will be spending on activities and events. Be sure to set aside money for gas as well if you are driving.

Stay on budget.  Set aside a certain amount of money for each day you are away for activities, travel and dining, while allowing each family member an “allowance” that they can use personally per day.

Keep track of your expenses on the go.  Download a finance or budget app for your smart phone.  This is a great way to keep track of your budget while on the go.

Cook At Home vs. Dining Out:  Sometimes without even realizing, a fortune could be spent on food just by going out for breakfast, grabbing a quick-lunch, and dinner out.  It’s definitely okay to treat the family and go out to eat, but it is also okay to make your own meals a few times to help save some money.

Fun tip: Eat locally. When dining out,  branch out and try a local mom and pop food establishment before choosing major restaurant chain that is easily accessible to you from home.  Trying a new cafe or sandwich shop every vacation could even become a family tradition itself!

Don’t forget the coupons!  Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you need to pay full price for everything.  Bring (or check out the area’s local papers or welcome center) for coupons on activities, meals, and other miscellaneous stuff!

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