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Vacation Karma

By Blairbarnes

Hello Stuck Servers!
I have returned from an amazing vacation in Spain! Yesterday was my first day back serving since I have returned. As I was surrounded by Euros on the plane I remarked to my traveling companion that I would probably see some of these people at work as I work in a high tourist area. My last table yesterday was a foreign table speaking Spanish and as I brought their $130 bill to them they paid with a credit card and also presented their ID for me to check and it was a Spanish ID. I began to explain that I had just returned from Spain two days ago and we began a short conversation about the places I visited and I offered my suggestions on where they should visit in SF. After they left I picked up their check and opened the presented and saw my $2 tip…needless to say my vacation has sufficiently bit me in the ass. Oh the irony!!!!

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