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UTJ Standing Strong on Budgets for the Wrong Reasons

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I believe UTJ is taking the wrong approach in their insistence on keeping the coalition agreements as per the agreement, and not giving in to agreeing to cuts.
It is not their taking a stand - that I believe is the right position for them to take. It is on what grounds they are basing it on.
I keep hearing UTJ people (Gafni, Litzman, Eichler, and now Mozes) explain that they will not budge because the demands they made and what was agreed to were not exagerrated requests for "extras" that might not be deserved, but was simply bringing back what they used to get - couch that in terms like "returning the theft" and "what was already ours until two years ago".
Saying things like that does not help your case, and I think it even hurts it. It is irrelevant whether you had it until two years ago or not. If the government wants to cut budgets, even if you had it until two years ago, the budget can be cut like any other budget.
The one, and only, reason for them to stand strong on this, and the one, and only, reason they deserve to keep their budgets, is because very recently Netanyahu and Finance Ministry officials agreed to give them these budgets and approved the agreement. Since then nothign has changed and it is wrong and dirty for them to be making demands for cuts now to agreements they so recently agreed to.
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