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Using Vaporizer For Weed Or Smoking Weed?

Posted on the 15 August 2016 by Og_vapor
Using Vaporizer For Weed Or Smoking Weed?

Using vaporizer for smoking weed is nothing new. Today people are using more and more vape devices for utilizing medical marijuana. But there is a debate, always is, about what is better for weed. To smoke it? Or to Vape it?

Using Vaporizer For Weed Or Smoking Weed?

Researchers are behind current trends of using vapor for weed. But you can always read about people's experience. What vaporizers are best for weed, how to do it...etc...

We will address the pros and cons of using the vaporizer for weed in this post. Before that, I will remind you that you can read here how vapor utilizes marijuana.

Pros for using vaporizer

Using Vaporizer For Weed Or Smoking Weed?
    Health alternative. First of all, there is a health issue. Vaporizer is a much healthier way to consume marijuana. You do not consume tar or other remains that can be toxic for your health.

2. Smell. Need to say more. Even if you like the smell of the weed other may not agree with you. When using the vaporizer you will be smell free. Your room or apartment will not stink.

3. Public. This one is the total advantage in vapors name. You can always discreetly inhale your weed with the vape. People will no look you like you are weird.

4. Costs. Something to think about in today's world. Think for a moment about this. You purchase product and smoke it and it is gone. But with the vape you can use the same product but less of it. And you will achieve even higher results.

Cons for using vaporizer

Using Vaporizer For Weed Or Smoking Weed?
  1. The price of the device. Sad to say but for the full experience you will need to spend some money. A good vaporizer will cost you big buck. On the other hand, you will save money in the future. Even if you decide to purchase cheaper vaporizer it will cost you in the long run. That cheap device will not bring you desirable benefits.
  2. Cheap Imitation. This goes without saying there is a lot of crap out there. And be careful when choosing your device. Never go cheap if you can spear some bucks.
  3. Hard to find good oil. It all depends on a supplier. Your country may be just hard to find that special oil that you like. But don't give up.
  4. Battery. Vaporizers need to be recharged, and it can happen that you want to get high but battery is dead....

To conclude about using vaporizer

if you enjoy smoking weed just smoke it. I will not be the one that will set on top of your head and tell you what to do. But if you chose to listen or to just try different experience give it a try. I know that you will not regret it.

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