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Using Google Docs For Giveaways

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves
I recently started using Google Docs for giveaways here at This Mom Loves, and I've found a number of advantages:
  • It still works even when there are glitches with Blogger comments
  • It keeps entrants' email addresses private (they appear on my spreadsheet, nowhere else)
  • It can be filled in and submitted much more efficiently (several entries all on the same form, click "submit" and you're done)
Using Google Docs For Giveaways
Readers must be appreciating it, since entry numbers are definitely rising. I don't know if Cars 2 (my Google Docs launch) was just a really popular contest, but I had more entries for that one in the first 48 hours than I had by the end of any other giveaway in the preceding few months.
I got the idea from my friend Jen at Mom vs the Boys who had been using the format for a while, and I followed the instructions on this tutorial over at Family Friendly Frugality to get started.
It takes a few minutes to create each form, and I'm still working out the most efficient way of numbering the entries, but it's definitely worth a look. I've had several people leave comments in favour of the new system, and a lot of friends and acquaintances have mentioned that they've never entered contests before because the commenting system took too long, but now they're entering everything.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions, whether you're a giveaway blogger or a contest junkie, or let me know what you think about the new contest format here at This Mom Loves!

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