William Watkin is Professor of Contemporary Poetry and Philosophy at Brunel University, London. He is the author of three books: "In the Process of Poetry: The New York School and the Avant-Garde" (2001), "On Mourning: Theories of Loss in Modern Literature" (2004) and "The Literary Agamben: Adventures in Logopoiesis" (2010). He has just completed two new books: "Agamben and Indifference: A Critical Overview" and "Deleuze and the Consistency of Indifference". He is currently working on a book on Alain Badiou and indifference as part of a four volume study of the concept of indifference as development, completion and critique of the modern philosophy of difference.
His blog, http://williamwatkin.blogspot.co.uk/ is now ten years old. Specialising in contemporay poetry and philosophy it has had over 75k hits in the past decade.


  • William Watkin's Blog http://williamwatkin.blogspot.co.uk/

    An experimental poetry and philosophy page since 2003. Here I post material related to my ongoing research into contemporary poetry and philosophy including readings of poets and philosophers resulting from my seminars at Brunel University, London.

    The blog is ten years old this year and has had more than 75k hits in the past decade.