My name is Vanessa, and I work as a news analyst for a market research company in Chicago--but that's just my day job. My real passion is travel and everything related to it. I love venturing to new places, exploring different cultures and immersing myself in extraordinary experiences.


  • A Traveler's Mind

    This is a blog that explores the ins and outs of travel, from destinations and personal trip to news items and reflections. Anything that relates to travel, I discuss it!


  • Colonial Times: A Weekend in Baltimore and Delaware

    Colonial Times: Weekend Baltimore Delaware

    Old brick and wooden buildings line the cobblestoned streets, which are filled with modern day cars. People wander from store to store, pub to pub, completely... Read more

    Posted on 04 January 2014 TRAVEL
  • Spread the Joy

    The economy is still recovering. Healthcare is a complete mess. Natural disasters and terrible accidents continue to be an everyday occurrence. But the... Read more

    Posted on 03 December 2013 TRAVEL
  • Give Thanks

    Thanksgiving was pretty standard this year. I woke up early, helped my mom bake bread, ran the Turkey Trot with my best friend, cooked all afternoon and then... Read more

    Posted on 29 November 2013 TRAVEL
  • Getting into the Holiday Spirit

    Getting into Holiday Spirit

    The temperature finally dropped to that biting cold that confirms winter has arrived. Twinkling lights hang from every tree branch downtown. Stores elaborately... Read more

    Posted on 25 November 2013 TRAVEL
  • Get Lost


    "Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness." - Ray Bradbury Maps. I'm a firm believer in them, especially when you have somewhere to be at a... Read more

    Posted on 22 November 2013 TRAVEL
  • Traditional Wine, Tomorrow's Technology

    Traditional Wine, Tomorrow's Technology

    Imagine descending a spiral staircase built with materials of the earth, a vast valley of vineyards as far as you can see. You continue to spin down the steps,... Read more

    Posted on 21 November 2013 TRAVEL
  • Starting Anew in Des Moines

    Starting Anew Moines

    The streets of downtown are dead, completely deserted. The most activity is going on just outside our hotel, as the valets bring around cars for guests who... Read more

    Posted on 05 November 2013 TRAVEL
  • A Denver Weekend in D.C.

    Denver Weekend D.C.

    The capital building sits luminously in the distance as we make our way onto the grassy field of the mall. We pick the perfect spot, line up together and wait... Read more

    Posted on 28 October 2013 TRAVEL
  • Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned

    Life is a perpetual lesson. I suppose this is a truth I've always known, but it wasn't until last night that it really sank in. Read more

    Posted on 15 October 2013 TRAVEL
  • Seeing the World from the Race Course

    Seeing World from Race Course

    Runners weaved through Chicago's streets, waving at and cheering along with thousands of spectators, pushing themselves as hard as they can to reach that... Read more

    Posted on 13 October 2013 TRAVEL
  • Cross It off the Bucket List

    Cross Bucket List

    I celebrated another birthday yesterday, one year older, one more rotation around the sun...and a lot has happened in that time. A new job, an international tri... Read more

    Posted on 29 September 2013 TRAVEL
  • Charity: Water - Taking a Waterwalk for India

    Charity: Water Taking Waterwalk India

    My arms ache and my shoulders are about to give out. I quickly put one foot in front of the other, eager to reach the end of the runway. Read more

    Posted on 17 September 2013 TRAVEL
  • Trouble in Colorado: How to Help Flood Victims

    Trouble Colorado: Help Flood Victims

    As most of you know, my home state of Colorado was hit hard by rain the last few days, causing severe flooding and major damage, mostly in the Boulder area. Read more

    Posted on 16 September 2013 TRAVEL
  • The Life of a Triathlete's Entourage

    Life Triathlete's Entourage

    I recently became a member of an entourage. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I can pinpoint when the cortege formed: August 25, 2013. Read more

    Posted on 15 September 2013 TRAVEL
  • Invest in Experiences

    Where has all my money gone? I'm sure most of you have felt this way at one point or another in your life. Being low on cash can be frustrating, scary and... Read more

    Posted on 08 September 2013 TRAVEL
  • Rediscovering My City

    Rediscovering City

    I got a new job, as many of you know. I'm a content manager for a tourism marketing company--yes, the perfect job! My client...Chicago. Read more

    Posted on 30 August 2013 TRAVEL
  • Pardon My Absence's been a are things? I apologize for my lack of posting this month. August somehow got away from me--the new job, a quick trip back to Denve... Read more

    Posted on 30 August 2013 TRAVEL
  • Controversial Arenas

    Controversial Arenas

    The economic conditions in many states have caused government officials to seriously evaluate budgets and how taxpayer dollars are being spent. Read more

    Posted on 26 July 2013 TRAVEL
  • Travel News Update

    A lot has been going on in the world this week...and it's only Tuesday! IT'S A BOY! Prince William and Duchess Catherine welcomed their newborn son on July 22 a... Read more

    Posted on 23 July 2013 TRAVEL
  • Brazil Welcomes Pope for World Youth Day

    Brazil Welcomes Pope World Youth

    There have been reports that the youths of today are not as religious as past generations, that they are not as connected to their faith and do not attend mass... Read more

    Posted on 23 July 2013 TRAVEL