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  • Susan E. Brown Interior Design

    As a professional Interior Designer, I see and relate to everything in a visual manner. I am always observing elements and environments of all sorts. This is my blog to share my many, many personal observations, finds, and discoveries throughout my visual life and my work. Academically, I have a B.S. in Textile Science and an M.A. in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota focusing on “Integrative Interruptions in Color Relationships.” My experience in interior design and textile science has created a balance of aesthetics and function throughout my work. During my many years of creating interiors for clients, I have developed a unique style, blending contemporary and classical elements, resulting in designs that are at once sophisticated and personal. We are all strongly affected by our surroundings whether we are aware of it or not. I believe the success of each designed space is important because it strongly affects one’s happiness, productivity, and sense of fulfillment. I hope you enjoy, and learn from, my blog!