• Talkitect is an online magazine dedicated to the discussion of contemporary international architecture, art, and design. The site presents articles critiquing new designs and showcasing research on contemporary issues in the design world. The foundation of the site is reviews of architecture that we have personally visited throughout the world. Furthermore, we post slideshows featuring photographs we have taken of particularly noteworthy buildings, cities and landscapes. It is also a repository for interesting videos, links, press releases, announcements and other relevant information we stumble across on our wanderings through the world wide web. The content is carefully curated to provide a wide range of views and opinions.

    Created in 2008 by designer and writer Lucas Gray, has rapidly grown into a community of people interested in the built environment. This site keeps us engaged in the dialogue of international design while giving us an outlet to express ideas, review buildings, and do research above and beyond our daily work. The true reward is engaging with you, the readers, and thus we appreciate all of your comments, ideas and suggestions. We are currently based in Portland, Oregon with contributions from writers and photographers from around the world.