Dr. Kathleen Hughes


I have my PhD in Developmental Psychology with a focus on shy and anxious children, and their experiences at school. I work as a Research Analyst in private industry, and as a part-time University Instructor in Psychology.

I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick with my husband, and I am currently pregnant with our first baby.

I have pretty diverse interests. Child psychology and education are my greatest passions in life, but I also love math and R statistics, mindfulness, meditation, and running. I have been blogging since my early graduate school days, when I wrote about religion, politics, sociology, and human rights issues. I’m also a true Maritimer at heart, and I enjoy writing about local Fredericton events.


  • Maritime Rants http://maritimerants.com/

    This is my little space on the internet to put everything. Rants about life in the Maritimes, motherhood, education, psychology, local events, statistics, politics, mindfulness, babies, running, religion, and anything else I can fit here.


  • Baby Preparations

    Baby Preparations

    I've finally made it to 12 weeks in my pregnancy. .As I start to gain control of my intense pregnancy mood swings and symptoms, I realized, "I could have a... Read more

    Posted on 18 January 2014