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    “KINOIMAGES” is a blog dedicated to putting forth images from the world of cinema. Once per day, every day, actors, film-makers, authors and many others participants in the vast realm of film, world famous or not will have (rare) photos of them shown here.

    It is important to recognize that, as much as we love and admire film directors and actors, the very inscription of “Directed by” or “Starring…” has a reductive power which tends to alienate other artists with immense contribution to the final piece. A special emphasis will be placed on these people, their biographies, works and other projects.

    The relationships that cinema has forged with other art forms are additionally highlighted and nothing is considered “minor”, that being photography, film posters, fashion design etc.

    Most film-reviews are oriented towards under-discovered works, those with great contemporary relevance and controversy, or movies I stumble upon in my daily life and would like to showcase their artistry and pertinence.

    The idea is to create a platform of memory, appreciation and love for this amazing art form and those who made its transmission possible from one generation to another.

    Faces, hands, gestures and scenes will be part of my DAILY posts. Feel free to write to me and send me your submission at [email protected]

    Disclaimer : I am not the author of the images posted here. These images are the intellectual property of their author.

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