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    Welcome Readers, I am Mani Mukhija. I am an IT professional by qualification, a wife of the most loving man and a mom of two supremely adorable girls with the grace of God, a food lover by appetite, passionate about cooking, enthusiastic about healthy, quick and easy recipes for my family, have travelled across the world and currently living in the Queen city of North Carolina in the United States. I am a Food Blogger(, and a freelance writer. Through my blog, I try to devote all my free time to my hobbies and my true passions: writing and cooking. I perceive this blog of mine (“Ginger-it-up”) as a breakthrough to Taste, Health and Happiness. So, apart from writing about food and sharing recipes, I also talk about life, happiness, well-being, parenting and social-issues too. While food plays a vital role in jazzing-up the boredom, we can’t overlook other aspects of life which share equal importance in gingering-it-up. So, let’s Ginger-it-up together! Let the cravings for food and happiness begin once again.