hey ya all… I`m Abhishek, from India and this is my blog page.

I started my career in creative writing when i was the age of 17. By profession i`m an electrical engineer,but besides the voltage-current analogies, i take out some time for my passion that is writing.

My inspiration was my granddad,who was a very good poet. I read his poems and was impressed and so i too,decided to scribble my views on paper.

Since then i have been writing many stuff,like poetry,essays,articles..etc.

But they stayed only on paper,since the world is moving to a digital version.i think it`s time for me too to get a hold of here i am,and here i will be,forever..

I`m quite a serious person with an air of calmness around me,sometimes i get too obsessed with my loneliness,i like it though,because when you are alone,you get hold of many things.

I believe in making of a new world,a world without war,without the economical crisis and surely without the great depression.

I try my best to give all i can in improving the condition of this sick and rotting world.

so here i am sharing my views,because i believe sharing your thoughts and discussing it with others can bring a change,to you,to me and to everyone.

so,that`s all..keep sharing your views and please spread little LOVE to the world.. we all need it!!