Self confessed slummy mummy with a media/journalism degree, 2 wonderful children and an obsession with blogging


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    An honest portrayal of pregnancy, motherhood and beyond

    I want to let you fabulous Mummies in on a secret…

    It’s okay to burn the homemade bread, wear odd socks and not wash your hair for a week. It’s okay that you screamed and swore in labour, that your cups of chamomile tea taste like cat pee or you only hoover before guests come. You have 3 rolls of floral wallpaper, but they’re in the garage behind the sewing machine…. The sewing machine you had to buy to make bunting but you only used once.

    Confessions of a ‘Slummy Mummy’ is a (slightly erratic) lifestyle blog that lets you know you’re not alone (sometimes I stay in my jammies all day too). Be proud ladies, we may not have the farm house kitchen or the little jars with pasta rice and lentils on display, but we have some pretty amazing children and it doesn’t matter if they tread mud into the cream carpet cos we can always clean it tomorrow.