Interests: Write, read, speak and gossip! Tell the world through a pair of innocent eyes.

Favorite Movies: Wait until I reel out my story and make it a blast in the movie industry. So far, nothing is goooooood enough to satisfy me, "Cotton Boy"

Favorite Music: Anyone who can make sounds is music. Yes, you can and you are in fact a singer too! Let's be creative and be another "Lady DIY"

Favorite Books Everyone is a writer as we all can write, but I like people who write real stories of their lives. Make our world be colorful and be unforgettable.

My thought: What do I know? I am just an immigrant floating in the American sky.


  • Interview Time: Talk and dress like a Peacock

    Cotton Boy’s piggy bank is on diet. The gold coins are dribbling out from the slot with no control. Bills, including the health and auto insurance, mobile phone, cable TV, car payment, student loan, credit card are continuously flooding into my household. I squinted my eyes tightly, wiggled my nose and trembled my shoulders, emulating myself as if I were “Harry Potter” who was making a spell to eradicate all troublesome, worrisome and unpleasant feelings. When I re-opened my eyes, “Damn, all the bills are still there. I can’t ignore making payments. The consequence is fatal to my life. My credit score will be ruined. Purchasing a castle will be a fractious dream to reach as no one will lend me money for a mortgage loan.” I need to find ways to gasp for air before I am suffocated and am about to be flushed by the deluge. Someone has to construct a floodgate to stop the water coming in. “Who is my superhero?” I questioned with two hands cupping my face while I was sitting on the toilet. I look around and the only reflection from the mirror is me. I am distraught first, but a minute later, I realize I am the true rescuer.

    Yesterday was a big day for Cotton Boy. I got an interview for a full time job in an auto rental company. Throughout the last three months, I have filled out over 60 applications electronically and have gone to at least 5 employment agencies. I solely received 4 replies. Fortunately, three out of four offered me the work, but they are part-time work. I seriously need a full-time job which guarantees a 40-working hour per week, paid vacation, health, dental and vision insurance and a reliable pension fund. This auto rental company is a perfect match to cover all my bubbly dreams.

    A day before the interview, I toiled the whole day digging out all the relevant information of the company, studying and rehearsing all the common questions that an interviewer will inquire, such as, “Tell me about yourself! What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do we hire you?” At the end of the process, interviewers usually ask, “Do you have any questions?” Hahaha, Cotton boy had done all the preparations and was ready to pierce through the bloody battlefield.

    The final morning had arrived. I took out the nicest suit, wore a sparkle sleeky white shirt, slipped into the shining leather shoes and put on an immaculate blue and red strip tie. (Hey, red and blue are the colors of USA’s spirit. I, as a new immigrant, should be given some credit to be a copycat.) I arrived the premises, switched off the car keys, inhaled and exhaled an enormous amount of air and loudly commented, “I am now dressing like a peacock, will speak like a peacock and have to act like a peacock. This is my moment to deliver a deep-rooted colossal impression to the questioner(s). No mistakes are allowed to be committed. I need to get out of working at the drugstore (where I am working now). Please, Jesus, give me the power!”

    I was placed in the conference room. 10 minutes passed, the manager welcomed me; I greeted him back. I was set he would ask me this popular question, “Tell me about your background!” Instead, he said I looked very nice and asked me a series of questions, “What nationality are you? What brought you to Cleveland? Have you experienced how brutal the winter here yet?” Then, he continued, “Let’s do some role plays!” He pointed at several objects in the room and demanded me to sell them to him. “It is as easy as flipping my hand,” I grinned. I love to sell and I am an excellent salesperson. I swung as if I were a peacock launching my beautiful feather to stick up in the air.

    He praised me, “Very good! Do you have any questions for me? I replied, “Certainly, what do you think is the best part of working here?” He contemplated deeply for a while, stuttered a few disorientated words and was agape. I wrapped the questioned up nicely by asking him another query.

    45 minutes later, the whole process was done. I jumped back to my car, and looked up the sky, “I wonder if this place is really the job to fulfill my bubbly dreams as he couldn't even point out what are good here!”