• These Things From My Brain

    This blog will contain random thoughts, rants, complaints, essays & anything that comes into my brain (hence the title). Fair Warning: there are a few things I may (or may not) write about that may (or may not) be offensive and/or uninteresting to readers: My kids (there are two), my spiritual beliefs (none, I'm an atheist), my language (sorry, motherfuckers, but swears, poo-talk and dick jokes are just gonna happen sometimes), and my politics (pretty liberal). I will do my best to not mock or ridicule those who have different views than me... unless they really deserve it. Actually, I really do try not to be rude, hurtful & insulting to people with views that differ from my own. I would love to have intellectual, respectful, properly spelled & grammatically correct debates with anyone who wants to share their opinions with me. Seriously, you guys, spell-check is so easy, goddamn it! Lastly, please don't take anything I say too seriously. I'm not a very serious person; humor is the main intention of this blog... & my life. I hope you find it well-written, amusing, & somehow, the cure for cancer. Thanks.