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    Today I have personally declared the start of THE REST OF MY LIFE.

    Fully graduated yet again and more speed-bumps to overcome, I think- no, I KNOW that consistency is something I shouldn't cast aside in my life. Whether it be a lifestyle change, personal habits, the way I speak...etc If I am motivated to be who I want to be, ( film maker / writer / director) to gain knowledge and experiences, I need to fuck inertia in the ass!

    Pardon my French, but I have a reason why I have myself to hate. After the completion of my final project , I rewarded myself with laziness. Heck, I spent days and nights for weeks working on a project that would determine my imminent future.

    "I deserve this break" is what I would tell myself.

    But that break led to more breaks, which led to sleeping in until 12pm. (every single day) Is that a productive way to spend my life?

    Well, of course not. To deter from this I joined 'external groups', did some freelance work, somewhere I could be of service and put my specialties to use.

    "Now thats not so lazy of you. Good job!" is what you may be thinking.

    Because of my horrible habit of putting things aside and knowing the difficulty of the assignment (If it is easy i'll do it later, if it is hard....I guess i'll work on it soon.) I would succumb to that horrible and overused word that begins with a 'P'. Procrastination.

    I hate hate hate procrastination, but love procrastinating. Now I don't want this to be a piece on procrastination so I will cut it off there.

    I have stated before in one of my entries that I was serious about writing and plan to write everyday. That proclamation has not been committed was a habit that sort of dissolved along the journey. I am here yet again to bring that back! Coupled with other goals and aims, I want to be what I want to be and I am the only one who is getting in the way of that. Even if I have to start small, from the basics, at least it is something, because I know that eventually all that hard work and determination will get me to where I want to be.

    Fuck inertia in the ass, rape procrastination upside down.

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