Aaravi Upadhyay


Aaravi is the Marketing Manager at Shalimar Paints. Since 2000, she has been responsible for facilitating growth and enhancing brand value through various marketing channels. Over the years, Aaravi has worked with a number of leading brands from around the world and loves to write about various aspects of paints, and choosing the right shade for your room.


  • 10 Simple Interior Painting Steps to Perfection https://shalimarpaints.blogspot.com/2019/11/10-simple-interior-painting-steps-to.html

    Painting your home the DIY way not only saves you money but can also provide immense satisfaction. If you want to carry out an interior painting job of your home, you need to have the best interior paint, some tools and also follow some specific steps. You will need premium quality interior wall paints, wall putty, primer, wall scraper, paint brushes, rollers, masking tape, and drop cloth.