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Useful Tips for Studying English Grammar and Vocabulary

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Every time you get to learn English and other foreign languages, one of the basic things you need to learn is its grammar and vocabulary. Whether you write or speak out the language, there should be a proper array and agreement of words. Verbs must agree with the subject and adjectives must be arranged properly. This is what you identify as the language’s grammar. In vocabulary, you will learn to know the list of words that you should know in order to communicate properly to other people. These two important factors of the English language go hand in hand to make the language’s structure comprehensible and suitable to hear.

So, here’s the big question: How are we going to master these two important factors in the English language? Well, the lists below are few of the useful tips a learner like you can take heed in learning the English grammar and vocabulary.

1. Look up a Grammar Book

Grammar books are very essential for English learners since it acquaints them with the English language’s rules. By this, you can increase your vocabulary and confidently speak out the language confidently.

These grammar books are available online or in a local bookstore. You wouldn’t miss them.  They basically teach basic principles of formulation and construction of sentences and subject-verb agreement. Furthermore, grammar books provide useful words that will add up to your vocabulary. This is very essential for learners who want to be eloquent with their knowledge in English.

2. Goal to Learn One English word a Day

I remember one time when my elementary English teacher used to reserve little space in the blackboard and wrote an English word of the day. Everyday, she wrote a unique English word and let us students know what the word means. At the end of the week, she lets us define what those words are and even challenge us to use it in a sentence. It was very challenging, but eventually it turned out to be a useful way to add up our English vocabulary.

Goal to learn English word a day; this is a very good starting point of adding words into your stock knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to learn that English is not that intricate, obscure, or murky as it seems to be? You will be using the word “difficult” in various terms, so it actually boosts up your versatility as an English learner.

3. Read Books

Very plain, isn’t it? Well, for a long time reading books has been tested and proven to be an extremely effective way of enhancing your English grammar and vocabulary. You can start it by reading an inspiring novel. The books of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight, and Percy Jackson may be a good start because these are inspired to become a hit on the movie screens already. Reading books, novels, blogs, and articles are very essential not just to widen your idea and points of view but these materials also add your knowledge in the English language. It definitely matter when you are skillful with what you are mastering, isn’t it? Take heed to practice reading books if you want to be such then.

So, you are interested in enhancing your English grammar and vocabulary, right? Following these tips is really a big help for you. As you learn English at language school partnered with these guidelines, you are sure to acquire the excellent result that you’ve always wanted.

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