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Use Rose Petals for Romance

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Use rose petals for romance

Roses are known for their association with love and affection. This is why they are the flower of choice when it comes to such occasions as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and of course when you need to find a way out of the dog house! Roses can also be used in other ways to demonstrate your love and romantic intentions. Here's how to put those petals to good use:

  • Make a rose petal heart on the bed and then scatter some chocolates or add a box of chocolates in the middle. This is a bit of a classic move but it's still highly effective. Use candles to light the room and, if you're worried about fire risks, choose LED candles instead.
  • Make a petal pathway from the door to wherever it is that you want your loved one to go. This can tie in nicely with the first one or you could lead them to a freshly drawn bubble bath with a cold glass of wine waiting just for them!
  • Use rose petals to decorate your dinner table and add candles. This will leave that much more room for holding hands and enjoying prolonged gazes into their eyes!
  • Make a rose petal garland and string it up in the room you wish to decorate.
  • Use a rose petal to spruce up their glass of champage. Just remember to wash the petals thoroughly before using in any food or beverage.
  • Add rose petals as a garnish for your dessert. You should ask your florist for the sweetest ones they have.
  • Make sugar rose petals and use them to decorate cupcakes or other delicious sweet treats.
  • Freeze a petal in each ice cube and then use these cubes in your drinks.

These are the easiest and quickest ways of making rose petals work for you. Like the flower itself, rose petals send that message of love and will make anyone feel special and pampered.

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