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'US Used Nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan' Peter Eyre

Posted on the 01 December 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
now this is interesting... I've blog'd about this man before on Free Planet in a blogpost entitled political analyst Peter Eyre suggests corporate New World Order rules the day ... now, Eyre's gone on to claim the the US has used CHEMICAL & NUCLEAR WEAPONS all over the world; in Vietnam, in Serbia, in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

'US used nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan' Peter Eyre

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“Tactical nuclear weapons were used, at least one in Iraq and several were used in Afghanistan --in the Tora Bora mountains,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said.

Eyre pointed out that the atomic bomb dropped on Afghanistan's Tora Bora region was so powerful that it actually created an earthquake there.

The analyst went on to say that the use of such lethal weapons by US military, which is a gross violation of the Geneva Convention, has been sanctioned by the US presidents; thus they should be prosecuted for war crimes.

"In America, the ultimate commander in chief is the president," Eyre said, adding that the President has the final say in using such weapons. [source PRESS TV]

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