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US Troops in Afghanistan: The Bad Behaviour of Soldiers

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Periscope @periscopepost
US soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan. A coalition of American, British and Afghan troops stormed the city of Marjah today in a new offensive strategy to flush the region of the Taliban. Photo Credit: US Department of Defense

US soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan. Photo Credit: US Department of Defense

This week, 2 year old photographs of US troops posing in Afghanistan with the limbs of dead insurgents have come to light. It’s hardly an isolated incident in a string of events which have shown American soldiers in a brutal light.

1. US troops urinating on dead bodies of Taliban combatants. In January 2012, a video came to light of four US marines from the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines joking as they desecrated the bodies of what may be insurgents or local labourers.

2. Burning of Korans. At an American run-military base, which triggered off a week of riots. In February 2012, at Bagram airbase, copies of the Koran were reportedly “accidentally” burned.” US officials said that the books had been sent with a pile of rubbish to the incinerator before being identified by workers. The burning caused weeks of fatal riots.

3. Army sergeant in deadly shooting rampage outside Kahdahar. Most tragically of all, an Army staff sergeant, Robert Bales entered three houses and shot dead 16 innocent civilians, including women and nine children.

4. Troops posing with dead bodies. Last year, in March 2011, soldiers Jeremy Morlock and Andrew Holmes were photographed also posing with the dead bodies of Afghans.

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