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U.S. and Cuba to Partner on Caribbean Conservation Efforts

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Perhaps the scientists can convince the Cuban government to save prime coastal habitats from the developers . . . nah, just kidding.

U.S. and Cuba to partner on Caribbean conservation effortsSummit County Citizens Voice

Cuban coral reefs thought to be among region’s most pristine

sdfg Ocean conservation efforts in the Caribbean could benefit from collaboration between U.S. and Cuban scientists. @bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

Tourists won’t be the only beneficiaries of easing tensions between the U.S. and Cuba. Scientists working in the Caribbean will also be able to find new opportunities for collaboration, according to federal officials.

“Ocean currents know no boundaries,” said Billy Causey, regional director of NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries‘ Southeast Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region. “They’re a conveyor belt, moving important marine life between our countries. Working together will help us better preserve these natural resources to benefit people in both our countries,” Causey said.

In fact, information-sharing has been ongoing since late last year, when NOAA, the U.S. National Park Service and Cuba’s National Center for Protected Areas agreed to share research to help the…

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