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Upwelling Creativity

By Rodjonesartist
Upwelling Creativity

Upwelling Creativity: A single step on a private stairway that dwells in a mind of unconscious thoughts. Cohabitating creative thoughts often become washed away by life’s mundane and customary thinking; non-complementary to originality and to the authenticity of creativity.

What does that all mean? If you want to be creative you have to make a concerted effort to move away from thoughts and ideas that grind you. Calming your mind from the randomness of unproductive thinking is no easy task, but like all of life’s challenges we often discover a profound reward after we navigate through the trials we all face.

Upwelling creativity has all of the hallmarks of being a great metaphor for changing how we approach creative thinking. After all what is the mission of creative thinking, the short answer is to solve problems. The more somewhat complex answer is to create. Creativity is about making, and that making can be as simple as baking a cake, or it can be as complex as writing a symphony like Beethoven’s ninth. Which very few people in this world could ever do.

Think about what you love to do creatively, meditate on it, embrace it, bring it to the forefront of your mind. Look up to the heavens, except guidance from a higher source. I don’t mean a well-meaning friend or a teacher. True creativity manifests itself inside all of us, and it could be said that it is desperate to ascend to our primary thinking. Upwelling creativity is reportable and is outwardly demonstrable.

Envision yourself upwelling creativity, write your own hero story and discover changes immediately taking place in your life.

” The challenge is the challenge, when we learn to recognize the hidden opportunities

when things don’t go well.“

Rod Jones Artist writer

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