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Upto How Many Updates Your Phone Can Withstand?

By Sandy16

Hello guys, here we have a very interesting and most raised question on the internet. In this post, we will let you know on still how many upgrades your smartphone is capable of. If you are already confused by the same question then this awesome post will be specially made for you.

Having a smartphone with all the latest features will be a great choice to use your phone upto the mark. As the days go on technology tend to change faster and as the process the technology of your phone gets outdated.

Then the idea comes to our mind reminding us to update the system to enjoy more trendy features. If you are about to do the same you should check out the complete post and think again.

Advantage  of updating  the phone

  • New features get updated to your phone
  • New customization tools will  be  added  to your phone
  • Extra security levels will be added to your phone 

Disadvantage of updating the phone

  • Many complain that their battery runs out of time quickly  than usual
  • Some of the main functions will stop working
  • Settings will be difficult  to configure

How Many Upgrades Your Phone can Withstand

The quick answer is that every smartphone is capable of withstanding to its first update only. After the first system update, the phone can run smoothly and the settings will be well placed. Again if you try to update your smartphone for the second time there will be few misconfigurations that cannot be corrected by us and for that, we need to look out for the next update.

Most recently  I have faced the same problem on updating my smartphone for the second time. Few of my important features are stopped working. When I reported the same to the company they just said that to wait for next update or else downgrade the system version. And finally, in my opinion, don’t  go for updating your smartphone just enjoy the features that your phone is capable of.

Are you trying to update your  smartphone? but don’t  know which method works the best? don’t worry here in the previous post we have written on 3 Best Ways To Upgrade Android Operating System you can check them now.

If you have faced any issues while updating your smartphone you can write to us through the comments section and let other readers know the issues of updating. If you found the post useful and informative share it with your friends and spread the information.

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