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Uprising Coercions to Learn English Language Against Social Network Systems

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We’ve heard news that the media becomes a great tool to learn English language and other foreign languages. The innovation of our technology becomes an immense assistance to young learners in learning foreign languages in a language school because it makes the learning easier for them.

Yet a recent post from Sun News Online posted a feature article that “English Language experts in the country are worried that advancements in communication technologies are changing the complexion of the language for the worse. They are emphatic that the internet, social network systems, Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM) and allied innovations are affecting the teaching and learning of the language.” How can this happen?

According to the post, the students exposed to social network systems and the like are providing platforms for the wrong use of the language. It was said that these youngsters have been disapprovingly influenced. Do you agree with such news?

Well, the article defended its side as far as specific people are concerned. One person named Mrs. Adeniyi, being the Head of the Department of English Language at Amuwo-Odofin Junior High School, Mile 2, Lagos has been grieving for the performances of students in their language learning today because they “no longer pay the right attention to English Language instruction.

“Despite efforts being made to help them develop proficiency in it, their writings are being heavily influenced by the short message services (SMS), otherwise known as text messages that they send and receive with their phones and on Facebook.” She was worried that such trend will result to its gradual consequences and might affect the students’ comprehension of English in the future.

You are aware of this SMS issues right? I’m sure; you are also one of the millions of youngsters around the globe who trends to “shortcut” words on texts and short messages on cell phones. I admit I also tend to shorten words in text messages especially that most people prefer making it shorter. Whether I complete the whole word with its correct spelling or just shorten it, it’s understood already by the person I am sending the text to.

But, when it already affects the learner’s pace and ability to master and improve his English language skills already, do you think this shortening trend should be minimized, or perhaps banned for good? I am looking forward to your respond towards this issue. Feel free to react and share your point of view.

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