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Upgrade Your Everyday with These Design-Driven Homewares

By Francoisetmoi

When you purchase a home for the first time, you're not just buying a home, you're also in for several smaller purchases needed to either take care of your home or make it useable, like a lawn mower or maybe new accessories for a 2nd bathroom that you didn't have when renting. Since purchasing our duplex last year, I've tried to put more thought into the things I'm bringing into our home, even for those everyday things like a laundry hamper. I mean if there's a pretty, design-savvy option within your budget, then why not go for the option with some style?! I think it makes using these typically boring items more enjoyable. Not to mention, if it's a pretty laundry hamper, then I'm more okay leaving it on display, when guests come over. (Less last minute scrambling for me when trying to hide the full plastic laundry basket!) With all this in mind, I've rounded up several design-driven homewares that make great alternatives to mundane daily-use items. Cheers to making our everyday just a little bit more fun!

Upgrade Your Everyday with These Design-Driven Homewares

1. Power Cable 2. Laundry Hamper 3. Japanese Scissor Set 4. Brass Towel Bar 5. Brass Strainer Set 6. Bottle Opener 7. Broom 8. Gold Trash Can 9. Wood Dustpan

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