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Updating Page Titles on Facebook

Posted on the 11 May 2015 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

I want to, over the coming few posts, share a few quick tips to make your life a little easier- tips in a similar fashion to the social media image size guide.

There can be little more annoying than having your post shared on Facebook, only to find that your page title / facebook title is wrong. Maybe you forgot to put something cool in there, something clicky, or maybe you just typo’d your way and someone is having a little moan. You’ve corrected the issue on your site, great but how do you make Facebook refresh itself?

There is a Facebook Tool called the debugger, it does more than just refresh your title information so have a play with it.

Click here to go to Facebook Debugger

Simply enter the URL you wish to refresh the title, description and even image of. Once done you can scroll down to see how Facebook currently shows your page, and then at the top (under the url) you can click “fetch new scrape information” which will refresh the information Facebook holds.

facebook debugger

I have played aruond with this tool and it can be an instant update that everyone see’s or it can take an hour. If after an hour you have no joy, double check you’ve cleared you websites cache.

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